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Planet Made of Plastic



Your community recycling center offers group field trips on-site in our classroom. Learn how to recycle right with hands-on, interactive teaching from qualified recycling educators. Make a difference in your home, school or workplace.

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Groups of all ages are welcome. Everyone can benefit from learning the ABC's of recycling - or in this case, the RRR's!  The presentation is 35 to 45 minutes long, with another 10 - 20 minutes to ask questions and look at classroom displays and out the observation windows at the processing floor. The participants will learn about the materials we accept, the resources they are made from, and see examples of recycled and reused items. Field Trips can also be tailored for your participants. Options include talks about the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold level aspects of our new facility, an overview of our renewable energy systems and information about or tours of our outdoor education area. Please share with us your groups’ needs and we will do our best to meet them. 



Our offices and classroom are located at the back side of the building, past the blue greeter shed and the drive-thru drop-off area. You are welcome to visit the classroom anytime during business hours. There you will find used children's books available for purchase, a lending library, cool stuff made from recycled material, and other interesting recycling educational material to view. There is also a window that looks out onto the processing floor, and a bench to stand on for kids (and short adults) to see our daily operations in progress. Get a birds eye view of heavy equipment in use and watch material being baled. There are also windows that look out into the baled storage area. If you are a long time recycler, or just starting out, there is always something new to learn in the classroom! 

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VCRS Classroom Rental Policies 

Room Rental Fees: 

All day use (4 hours or more) - $75 per day Partial day use (less than 4 hours) - $40 per use 


If using VCRS equipment, a deposit of $100 above and beyond rental fees will be required. Your separate deposit payment check will be returned if, following your event, no additional cleaning is required, and no equipment, furniture or facility damages are assessed. 


Rental payment and deposit are due prior to use of the room. 

Cancellation Policy:

Please notify VCRS as soon as possible if cancellation is necessary. 

No Alcohol

Key Check Out:

If classroom use is outside of VCRS regular business hours, arrangement for key check out and return must be made prior to room use. If the key is not returned to the director immediately following the meeting, you will be charged a re-keying fee of $100.00. 

Event Promotion:

Any public advertising of your event must state that: “This event does not necessarily reflect the mission/opinion of the Valley Community for Recycling Solutions.” Please do NOT give our phone number as a contact for your event. Applicant agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the Valley Community for Recycling Solutions (VCRS) harmless from any and all liability for injury to persons or property occurring as a result of any activities and agrees to pay for any and all damage to the facility, building, equipment or furniture owned or controlled by the VCRS, which results from any scheduled activities or is caused by any participant in any scheduled activities. 

Other Conditions: 

• VCRS field trips and meetings are given precedence for community room use. 

• Community room class or meeting size is limited to 35 individuals, including children. There are 25 folding or stacking chairs available for your use in the room. You may bring up to 10 additional chairs if needed. 

• Arrangement for TV/DVD player or projector and screen use must be made prior to the meeting, at the time of application submission. There are no additional charges for normal use of such equipment unless damages occur during use. (See deposit information above) 


These events are free and open to the public:


These events are private:

Wed. Jan 10, 7-9pm


Sat. Jan 20, 10-6pm
Sun. Jan 21, 1-5pm
at. Jan 27, 10-6pm
un. Jan 28, 1-5pm


Watch for new dates and times for art meets recycling, a weekly open studio session held in the classroom, with our non-profit partner, Valley Arts Alliance. No experience required. We will post our schedule after the new year. Stay tuned!

Call 907.745.5544 for classroom rental

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